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Degree Programs

Graduation Requirements

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Schools of Heed University Online

Degree Components


A. Transfer Credit:

Credits successfully completed at other institutions may count toward degree requirements

B. Performance Based Advanced Standing:

Appropriate and relevant experiences may be granted academic recognition and used toward completion of the the degree requirements.  Previous accomplishments will be evaluated and may be translated into advanced standing credits.   Learning acquired on the job or through travel and independent study is assessed individually by a faculty mentor.  The students must prepare a portfolio to document knowledge, skills, competence and accomplishments.


Portfolio Guidelines

A. Resume/Autobiographical essay

B. Statement of educational and career goals

C. Detailed description of relevant and appropriate experiences

D. Substantiation of C through letters or other documentation

C: Independent Study:

Credits may be earned through a variety of activities such as independent study(ies), project(s), case study(ies), thesis or dissertation.  Each student is assigned a Mentor who provides guidance and supervision of the student's program.

Degree Programs

Undergraduate Degree Programs:

A.A. or A.S.                                                $3,650

60 credits required. As many as 45 credits may be awarded through PBAS

B.A., B.B.A. or B.S.                                   $4,850

120 credits required. As many as 90 credits may be awarded through PBAS

Graduate Degree Programs:

M.A., M.B.A. or M.S.                               $7,250

36 credits required. As many as 27 credits may be awarded through PBAS.

D.A., D.B.A., ED.D, PH.D. or PSY.D.     $10,500

80 credits required.  As many as 60 credits may be awarded through PBAS.
20 credit dissertation.

Graduation Requirements

A. All admission requirements must be completed.

B. Academic requirements must be completed
     with a grade of pass

C. Financial obligations must be satisfied

D. Graduation checklist must be submitted

Why You Should Consider Heed University

Maximize your potential!  Allow Heed University to assist you in meeting your educational endeavors efficiently and expeditiously.


Over three decades of Academic Excellence


Heed is one of the most prestigious External Degree Universities


Flexible attendance


Prior academic credit recognized


Credit awarded for professional and life experience


Individualized and personalized instruction


Outstanding Faculty


Modest Tuition


Compatible with full employment


Increase your skills, prestige and income

Humanistic Education through the External Degree

Student Application



Students wishing to withdraw, must notify the University in writing, preferably by certified mail. The withdrawal becomes effective on the postmark date. Note that refunds are based upon the total due, and not the amount paid. A student dismissed for cause (academic failure or disciplinary reasons) is not entitled to any refund of tuition.

The application/interview fee is refundable if a student is not eligible for admission. The refund period for the application/interview fee is twenty days.

The refund period for tuition begins with the date of acceptance. Time period from date of acceptance:
        during first two weeks         100% refund
        during 3rd - 4th weeks         80% refund
        after fourth week         NO REFUND

Degree Programs by School


Thomas Jefferson College of Law


Hattie R. Rosenthal College of Psychoanalysis


Degree Components

Student Application

Mentor Application

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